Create your suit or helmet with our Designer.


 If you have an idea, give it to us.

Our graphic artist will use your vison to create a unique design for your suit or helmet.

The artwork will be sent to you for your approval or feedback regarding any changes you desire.

This process will continue until you are fully satisfied.


Contact our Customer Service at to book your slot with our designer.
Delivery time will start after Final Confirmation of your design.

Roberta Mancino 

Model & Extreme Athlete

 Amanda & Brian Festi - Animare Freestyle - USA National Freestyle Team

 Nada - UAE Freestyle Team

Raph Coudray & Leo Blanchon 

Wind Games Champions 2015

 Milson - Valley Base Gear

 - Fly4Life - 

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X Tonfly Configurator

Step by step you can fully customize your suit or helmet by choosing features such as fabrics, colors, logos, options, setups and our additional graphics.

A sequence of photos and texts will guide you to take precise body measurements.

Choose a suit or an helmet and configure it.
At the end, you will be able to save your configuration and have a link to review, modify or submit it.

Note : the colors on your computer screens, may not be exactly equal to reality.