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                                                                        CAMERA CONVERTER

This is the ideal helmet  for the Professional Videomen who wants everything on top !

The Big platform ( 200 x135 mm ) allows you to fix more than one camera, flash and any other device.
The extraordinary fit gives incredible stability on the head. 

With or without Converter Mounts.

Basic PRICE   € 535,00  ( VAT & shipment excluded )

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This is the ideal helmet  for the Professional Videomen.
Its double Converter Mount solution allows you a multitude of Photo-Video
different connections, succeeding to satisfy any kind of Videomen requirement.

2 Converter Mounts  PRICE   442,00 Euro  ( VAT & shipment excluded )
1 Converter Mount    PRICE   376,00 Euro  ( VAT & shipment excluded )
0 Converter Mounts  PRICE   295,00 Euro  ( VAT & shipment excluded )  


The most technologically advanced Skydiving Helmet ever built !!! The reasons that make this helmet number one are the choice of materials, the functionality and the design.
Several innovative new features like the sliding cover on the top that allows the camera elevation angle to be altered up or down and the AIR SYSTEM Technology with a airbag in the rear inside which can be inflated in order to produce a perfect fit!!
1 Converter Mount integrated on the sliding top cover

Basic PRICE   € 382,00  ( VAT & shipment excluded )


               2.5X Top Still 
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  The newest of the range!

This helmet has been thought for video-photographers who mount still camera on top and GoPro camera on front. The mold of this helmet and the ratchet straps are reinforced,allowing the users to mount also heavy weights.      

Basic PRICE € 314,00 ( VAT & shipment excluded )   


The 2X HELMET is fantastic for close shots
 in sit and head down.
One Converter mount integrated in the TOP platform,
extremly light 560g.

Basic PRICE € 299,00 ( VAT & shipment excluded )


Like 2X helmet but without Converter Mount 
Extremely light , only 520 gr !

Basic PRICE   € 249,00  ( VAT & shipment excluded )

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The New SPEED is perfectly compatible for the installation of your GOPRO camera
Extraordinary light , only 520 grams  !!!
Chincup available with soft or hard straps

Basic PRICE    € 227,00   ( VAT & shipment excluded )

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The new PERFORMER is the ideal helmet for the athletes during performance when they do not need video devices. 
Extraordinary light , only 430 grams

Basic PRICE    € 176,00   ( VAT & shipment excluded )